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A technologically
powered ballpoint penArt meets technology and design

Beautiful design and complex technology

INKI is primarily a ballpoint pen which also contains a special mechanism that makes the tip moving rapidly, up and down.
Behind this simple movement a complex mechanical solution is hidden.

You can write texts or sign papers with it as well as draw automatic patterns of different shapes.

Available Colors

Silver Gold

Write & draw with multiple patterns

Turn off Inki pen by turning the top cap counterclockwise, you can now use it in a most comfortable angle for you to write and draw.
Turn ON INKI pen by turning the top cap clockwise, so now the pattern mechanism is activated. Hold it vertically straight at ~90° so you can make dots pattern or draw in pointillism.
Pattern mechanism is ON: Hold INKI at ~90° you can draw unique dashed pattern. You can adjust space between dashed-lines by moving INKI faster or slower.
Pattern mechanism is ON: Hold INKI at ~45° you can draw a beautiful "U" pattern.
Pattern mechanism is ON: Hold INKI at ~35° you can draw "V" pattern. According to your pressure, you can adjust the shape of "V" and the distance between them.

Long-lasting power INKI was designed directly for several types of profiles an ordinary user who likes nicely looking pens but also for creative people who are ready to spend a lot of time by drawing with it. It also gives you an ability to use just an ordinary AAA 1.5V battery which can be found everywhere and it is not locked into specific non-standard batteries.

Strong mechanism This small and powerful mechanical part is the core of INKI which gives you this innovative particularity compare to other existing pens and art tools. The principal is simple, the tip moving rapidly, up and down with about 700 movements per minute and average height of 0.15' (4mm). All this is powered by patent pending technology.

Classic design In order to make INKI as tiny as an ordinary ballpoint pen and assemble everything into a classic design, we were faced to a difficult R&D where the main goal was to find a technical solution how to put a complex technology into a small tube size of 0,35’ (9mm) - 0,39’ (10mm)

AAA 1.5V Battery
~4 Hours of Power
Pattent pending technology
~700 patterns / min
Gel cartridge
700µm nib size

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Do you have any questions?

What material is Inki Pen made?

Inki Pen has only natural metal texture and color, it is made with 2 different metals, stainless steel for silver version and brass for gold version.
Please note that after a while your color could change a little bit, that is because of the specific metal structure.

How to use Inki Pen?

Be sure that you have insert a battery inside of the pen, turn gently the cap, turn deeper if you want to use a pointillisme mode, or unscrew it for a regular pen usage.

For what can I use my Inki Pen?

Inki Pen is an unique pattern tool, allows you to use it as stylish regular pen, and also as pattern tool by activating pattern mode.
With your Inki Pen you can creat magnificent works just changing the angle of the pen.

Turn off Inki pen by turning it's cap, you can use the most confortable angle to draw and write.
Hold Inki in different angles to make different patterns: ~90° allows you to make an unique dots or known also as pointillisme pattern.
~90° allows you to make an unique dashed pattern.
~45° allows you to make an amazing "u" pattern.
~35° will allow you to make an amazing "v" pattern.

By pressing harder or softer you are able to adjust dots density.
You can adjust patterns as dashed by moving faster or slower Inki pen.

What is your return/exchange policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Inki Online purchase, simply return the product and we will be glad to remit the full amount of your purchase.
Besides you can exchange your purchase for other Inki products.
Steps for return:
1. Contact us by email at and describe the reason for the return.
2. Follow the instructions given by us.

Please note, you can find full information about refund and returns on

Do you have more questions about Inki Pen?

Do not hesitate to contact us by chat on this website or by mail

Payment Method

Inki accepts the following types of credit and debit cards:
American Express
Visa, MasterCard, or American Express pre-paid credit cards

Also you can pay using your PayPal account.

My bank account doesn't have EURO currency, how can I proceed the order?

In the website you can only see EURO currency, however when you will proceed the checkout, you will pay in your local currency without any issues.

How long will take shipping for the pre-order?

Please consult product description for pre-orders shipping dates.
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