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INKI is primarily a ballpoint pen which contains a special mechanism that makes the tip moving rapidly, up and down. A complex mechanical solution is hidden behind this simple movement. The goal was to make INKI as tiny as an ordinary ballpoint pen, so at the first stage we were faced to a difficult R&D where we were looking for a technical solution - how to put a lot of parts into a small tube size of 9mm (0,35’) - 10mm (0,39’). It was a great challenge! However we succeed and even made a patent application. And now you can enjoy our innovation - INKI Pen!

What is so special about INKI?
Make different patterns by adjusting pen angle

There are several specialties of INKI. First, it is a beautiful design. Sleek and modern, the pen is made of high quality materials and it is nice to hold it in your hands. Second, INKI can be used for writing in your everyday life, BUT in the same time it is an amazing instrument for art creating and also INKI can be a super stress reliever. Third, as a result, INKI is a pen for plenty different profiles of people such as artists, designers, amateurs, students, gadget lovers. Besides, children can develop their fantasy with this pen. In short, the use of INKI is limited only by your imagination.

Inki available in two colors:

silver gold
Inki has an original metal color and texture, "silver" version is made of stainless steel, "gold" version is made of brass steel, both of it resist of many kind of damages and very strangth materials. Please note that after a while your color could change a little bit, that is because of the specific metal structure.

What about technical details?


Inki is a technologically powered pen, in order to make it as tiny as an ordinary pen, we were faced to a difficult R&D where the main goal was to keep all ergonomic parameters of an ordinary pen and put the technology inside of a small metal body.
Section part of Inki has only 9mm (0.35") and the barrel part only 11mm (0.43").


Inside of the tiny pen, there is a powerfull motor which turns up to 300rpm, motor turns the mechanism (pattent pending) which transforms rotation movements into up and down movements and makes ~700 patterns / min.

While working you may notice a light noise of motor, which not higher than ~10dB.

To power Inki we had a mission to get the best battery, which will maintain the electric current and last as long as possible. After months of researches and test we finally found the best one which allows Inki to draw non-stop for ~4H. We decided to make our own battery brand for Inki to share with you only best experience with Inki Pen.


To let you get the best experience we tested hundreds of inks which should be able to resist vibrations, nib should resist shocs and all of that should be able to draw constantly patterns and write perfectly. That's how we stoped our choice on high quality japonese gel ink.

When the customer orders an Inki pen, it comes with a battery and two black ink refills. However, the customer is able to order additional refills, which are coming by 5 items in a box, different ink colors are available.

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